Who We Serve

Simplifying Complex Financial Lives

At Lucas Capital in New Jersey, we specialize in helping those with more complicated needs:

  • Business owners
  • Executives and professionals
  • Those approaching or in retirement who need more intensive financial planning and assistance

As a successful person, you’re probably extremely busy with little time to get financially organized.  As wealth is accumulated, financial decision making can become even more complicated, requiring hours of research to develop proper understanding.

We’re here to help.  You might run a family business in Red Bank or Rumson and wonder how to plan for your future while addressing the interpersonal dynamics with your other family members.  Maybe you are approaching retirement and need a thoughtful analysis to ensure you can fund your lifestyle far into the future.

Traditional brokers and advisors often focus on investment advice, but you need a lot more.  Our full-service team understands your needs and gives you the attention and expertise to feel confident that you’re making the best decisions possible.

In addition to comprehensive financial planning and customized investment management, we provide help in:

  • Making the most of one-time events like a business sale, retirement decisions, pension buyouts, or exercising stock options
  • Evaluating business or career opportunities from your personal financial perspective
  • Finding and implementing strategies to save on income taxes
  • Planning your estate and charitable giving
  • Helping to structure family businesses for tax-efficiency

All of our work with you has one objective:  to help you achieve your goals and obtain the best possible outcome.

With Lucas Capital, It’s Standard….Not Extra

The best part? There’s no extra charge.  When you are a Lucas Capital client, our expert financial planning and advice are included in our investment management fee.

Check Your Financial Health

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