Retirement Planning

A retirement plan that evolves over time

A quality retirement plan means you’re able to live the way you want to live for the rest of your life and you never worry about running out of money late in life.

How valuable is this peace of mind? It is priceless!

Retirement planning used to be a relatively simple process. Company-sponsored pension plans provided retirement income for life. Add Social Security benefits and income from personal savings, and most people were set for life.

Retirement planning in the 2020s is far more complex than it ever was in the past. First of all, pension plans that paid incomes for life have been replaced by 401(k) plans that produce assets, but not income for life. It is up to the retirees to make the right decisions when they select advisors who will help them invest their retirement assets.

Longevity is also a major game-changer. People are living longer, which means their assets have to last longer. And, late in life, health-care expenses can skyrocket if one or both spouses need assisted living, skilled nursing, or memory care services. Longevity is a blessing if people have good health and adequate assets. It is a curse if there are health conditions or inadequate assets.

What does all of this mean to you? It means your retirement plan is not a static document. It is a living document that must protect the standard of living for the rest of you and your spouse’s lives. This could be 30 or more years from the date you retire.

This is where Lucas Capital Management can help! We work with you to produce a sophisticated retirement plan that evolves with your changing needs over time. Plans can also be impacted by the volatility of the securities markets and the performance of your assets. We meet on a regularly scheduled basis to review recent results and discuss any changes that may impact your retirement strategy and plan.

Our personal retirement plans help you:

  • Maximize the accumulation of assets during working years
  • Manage your declining tolerance for risk when you invest retirement assets in the securities markets
  • Create a smooth landing when you transition from your working years to retirement years
  • Execute tax-efficient investment strategies for your working and retirement years
  • Develop a retirement plan that lasts a lifetime
  • Make adjustments as necessary