Our Commitment

Business principles that drive our relationship with clients

There are several important benefits when you select Lucas Capital Management to help you plan your financial future and invest your assets for growth and income.

These benefits are expressed in the form of Our Commitment to specific business principles that drive our relationships with our clients.

Fiduciary Relationship

Lucas Capital Management is a Registered Investment Advisor, which means we are acting as fiduciaries when we provide financial advice and services. This is an important characteristic of our firm. We are required by law to always put our clients’ financial interests ahead of our own.

Independent Advice

Lucas Capital Management is an independent firm that is owned by the professionals who work there. We are not owned by another company, such as a bank or insurance company, that influences the advice we provide to our clients. Our advice is always in our clients’ best interests.


Our only method of compensation is a fee that aligns with our mutual interests. And our only source of payment is our clients. We are not compensated with commissions or other types of remuneration by third parties – for example, mutual fund families and insurance companies.


We believe our clients deserve full transparency when they select Lucas Capital Management to help them achieve their financial goals. Our relationships with clients are backed by written documentation. We don’t make verbal promises that can’t be tracked.

Planning First

Our services include a comprehensive financial planning service that is the roadmap for our clients’ financial futures. We invest assets based on the plan that documents our clients’ goals, concerns, requirements, and expectations. Our investment advice is always in-line with our planning recommendations.

Conflicts of Interest

We strive to avoid any potential conflicts of interest that negatively impact the financial well-being of our clients. All of our advice and services are based on the best interests of our clients.