Investment Management

Investments managed in-house by our team of experts

Investment professionals at Lucas Capital Management help you grow and preserve wealth for the lifetimes of you and your spouse, your children, and your grandchildren.

Our team is dedicated to understanding your current financial situation and producing an investment strategy that is customized to fit your specific needs, goals, and requirements.

Your investments are managed in-house by our team of experts. We do not outsource the investment work to people you have never met. We are always available to discuss your investments without all of the confusing jargon that Wall Street is famous for.

We create and manage personal portfolios that are tailored to your current situation and future goals.

We may start when you are in your mid-working years and your tolerance for risk is higher. When your risk tolerance gradually declines, we will be there to help as you approach your retirement date and beyond.

You benefit when we manage portfolios that are designed to achieve your goals during the three phases of your financial life: Working years, transition years, and retirement years.

Savings, market appreciation, and investment income are the three ways you increase the amount of assets you have available for your retirement years. Your role is to maximize your savings during your working years. Our role is to produce appreciation and income during all three phases of your financial life. Equally important is how we manage the risks that can undermine the performance of your portfolio.

We pay particular attention to your exposure to risk during your transition years from working to retirement. This is when your savings are at their peak in 401(k)s, IRAs, and personal accounts. Excessive exposure to risk can have severe consequences if there is a major market decline during your transition years (for example, a 2008 or 2019).

Your tolerance for risk may change during your retirement years depending on your particular circumstances. When you reach a point that you know you have the resources to comfortably live the life you want, your investment strategy should focus on your estate’s goals. Lucas Capital Management can help align your investment strategy with your plan for leaving a family legacy or your charitable intents.

We strongly believe diversification is the best way to manage investment risk. A diversified portfolio allows you to minimize the risk associated with market volatility for particular asset classes, such as common stocks. An ideal portfolio is invested in asset classes that are not impacted the same for various market conditions.

Our team of professionals can help you invest your assets with minimal stress. For some of our clients, we use a tactical tilt method to help keep assets positioned to produce positive returns in a variety of market conditions. Using this method, we adjust your asset allocation based on what is happening in the economy. We believe this provides better returns and an element of risk management during a variety of market conditions.

We integrate tax-efficient strategies into all of our advice and services that involve the investment of assets in our clients’ taxable accounts.