How To Make What You Have Learned From The Pandemic Work For You

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years? How has this pandemic impacted your financials? Does your current financial plan align with your future goals, or is it time to revisit your plan? These are all questions to consider as we see a fundamental change in our lives.

Before the widespread COVID-19 outbreak, a typical day might consist of the morning rush to get the kids off to school, while you gather your belongings and try to leave the house a little early to miss the dreaded traffic. After a day in the office, working on the latest projects and juggling back to back meetings with only short break for lunch spent catching up on emails, it is time to make the great migration back home. Tonight’s dinner is a pizza from the local Italian restaurant down the street in front of the TV. There is little time left to spend together as a family before you put the kids to bed. After everyone is settled in, the day is over, until you start the routine all over again the next morning.

While the current pandemic brought displacement and confusion to our professional and our personal lives, it opened an opportunity to reconnect with our families and re-evaluate life goals. One of the most substantial changes is the amount of time spent with family. Much of the day is no longer spent at an office surrounded by co-workers, and the two-hour commute time is now a few steps from your bed to the computer. The office made the separation between family and work easy, as we seamlessly jumped between home life and office life. Now that both worlds are comingled, people are giving additional thought to life objectives and long-term goals.


Creating a Road Map

With the pandemic came unprecedented change. At Lucas Capital we are having discussions with clients who are taking this opportunity to re-evaluate life goals and build a financial plan that is aligned with their ambitions. It is important to have a financial road map as a guide, so that you can live in the future without worry.

With COVID -19, you have opportunity to slow down and really assess what it is you want out of life. Many of our clients are asking themselves:

  • Can I retire now?
  • How much more money do I need to retire?
  • How much do I really need to earn from my business?
  • Is my 401k plan aligned with my overall objectives?
  • Should I sell my primary house and move?

With the right plan, you can start on a direct path towards achieving your life goals.


We have the tools and experience to help our clients work through all these questions, as well as develop a robust financial plan that provides a basis for supporting their life moving forward. If you already have a financial plan, we would be happy to review or realign it to fit your needs. No financial plan? We would be happy to work with you to build one that fits your needs and life goals.


Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or need assistance.