How Are You and How Are Your Families?

Dear Clients,

How are you and how are your families?

We ask this because these are the important questions now for all of us.

The stock market is far too volatile and discouraging to predict. Fear due to the unprecedented Covid-19 has taken over the emotional side of the stock market. In our view, the market has sold down to the expectation levels of a deep recession. The question now is, “What do you and your family need as far as cash in the next three months?” Let us manage your assets around that question.

So far, your Lucas Capital team is healthy as we trust you are. We assure you that we are here for you. More than ever, it is important to share your financial thoughts with us so that we might reflect on them.

If the stock exchange is open, so is Lucas Capital Management. We have made arrangements to continue to answer all your calls or e-mails even if our office building would get closed. We will execute all trades, transfers, distributions and of course offer our thoughts to your financial needs even if our office building is closed.

Remember, it is IRA time. You can make your contribution to your IRA up until you file your taxes.

Make good personal and financial decisions. Take care of your physical and financial health as you are cooped up in your homes. We all must weather this together and we are there to help you.

All our very best to you and your families.