Pre & Post Retirees

Pre & Post Retirees

Pre & Post Retirees

A lot of planning goes into the years immediately before our clients plan to retire from their careers, professions, or businesses. Initially, we assess the financial readiness to live the retirement they picture. At this point, they are thinking more about having the resources to live the life they want to live and developing a plan that covers the cost of living for both spouses for the rest of their lives.


An important goal is to accumulate as much money as possible in tax-deferred accounts, for example, company 401(k)s and IRAs.


The team of professionals at Lucas Capital Management is available to help them every step of the way.


The Transition Years


One of the most important phases of our clients’ financial lives is their transition from working years to retirement years. This transition is more than a financial change. Ending a long career and jumping into the next stage of life is a major disruption. With it comes a multitude of decisions, including new activities, relationships, possible relocation, consulting, or a second career.


Our clients have to make several critical planning and investment decisions that will have a major impact on their future financial security.


We believe our clients should allocate their assets, balancing growth, inflation protection, and stability. This might mean a more conservative allocation as they approach their retirement dates and for a few years after they retire. Some clients choose to increase risk during their retirement years when they know they have sufficient financial security for the rest of their lives.


Our role is to help our clients make the right decisions during this vital period in their financial lives.

Recent Retirees 

Increasing longevity has given new importance to comprehensive planning and the accumulation of assets for retirement. For example, one or both spouses who retire at age 65 and in good health, have a good chance of living well into their 90s.

This means we need to protect from inflation and plan so retirement assets support our clients for the next 30 years.

The decisions they make during early retirement years will have a major impact on their financial well-being later in life.

Our clients use our sophisticated retirement planning and investment services to achieve financial goals, minimize risks, and increase/protect their wealth.