Our Fees

Keeping it simple and transparent

At Lucas Capital in central New Jersey, we believe in transparency.

That’s why we’re a fee-only fiduciary provider.  That means no commissions and no sales.

It’s important to us that you clearly understand our fees and how much you can expect our services to cost.

Here’s how we keep it simple and transparent for you:

  • You’ll know exactly what you can expect to pay, in writing, before you sign up.
  • You’ll pay one fee that covers investment management and all of your financial planning and other support we provide.
  • Our fees include unlimited support, so you won’t get any extra fees or surprise bills.

Your fee is based on a percentage of assets under management.  With this fee structure, our interests are aligned.  We only earn more if your assets increase.

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When you’ve accumulated significant assets, you may have the money to fund your goals, but if you don’t have plans in place, everyday life might get in the way of achieving your real dreams.