About Our Fees

Keeping it simple and transparent

In the financial service industry, the highest level of transparency is full disclosure in a written document.

Written information matters. The alternative is verbal information with no record of what was said to you.

At Lucas Capital Management, we practice full written disclosure for our compensation. You will know the amount of our fee in advance and you will know the services you receive for the fee.

This page describes our compensation, billing procedures, and services.


Our only method of compensation is an asset-based fee. This fee is a percentage of the market value of your assets.

This type of fee aligns our interests. Our fee increases when the market value of your assets increases.

This fee is our only source of compensation that is paid to us by our clients. We do not receive any other type of compensation from third parties (mutual fund companies, insurance companies broker/dealers).

Financial Fiduciary

Lucas Capital Management is a financial fiduciary. This is the highest ethical standard in the financial service industry. We are required to always put your financial interests ahead of our own.

What You Receive

You receive the following services for the one asset-based fee you pay Lucas Capital Management:

  • Financial, retirement and estate planning services
  • Investment management services
  • Unlimited personal consultative services
  • Coordination with CPAs and estate planning attorneys
  • Monthly statements and quarterly performance reports
  • Quarterly service meetings (virtual or in-person)

How It Works

Our billing process is simple and straightforward:

  • We bill our asset-based fee at the end of each quarter
  • The billing is based on the market value of your assets
  • Market valuation is calculated on the last day of the previous quarter
  • Lucas Capital Management does not charge any additional fees
  • You can terminate our service at any time with 30 days written notice

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