We can work with you

Whether it’s just you or a whole lot of generations of family, we’ve got you covered.

Be a part of the LCM family

We start the relationship with conversations to learn about you: your goals, aspirations, life plans, and dreams for you and the people you care about. Then, we offer you access to a broad range of financial tools including asset management, financial planning, estate planning, insurance and tax planning. By building a close working relationship first, when complex financial decisions arise, we can help make sure that the investment options fit with your needs.

Make sense of the financial noise

There are so many wealth management firms out there. How do you choose the one that is right for you? We believe in honest, sound investment advice, not the investment deal of the moment.

We look at the whole picture

The technology we use allows us to look at a host of “What If’s” to let you see different solutions for your specific financial situation. From an investment standpoint, we follow a balanced strategy to grow and preserve wealth. We look at investments in the totality of your needs and goals, making sure that the life you want to live is aligned with your investment strategy.

How can we help you?

Have a question about a current or upcoming situation and how it fits with your current goals? Want us to review your portfolio and financial goals to see that all is in alignment? We have six decades of experience waiting to talk to you.

Our expert team is standing by to help.